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Our Carpet Cleaning Techniques and Materials

In order to revitalize the look of your home of office space, the professional residential and commercial cleaning specialists from A – KELLER use the Hot Water Extraction process.  This method ensures a deep cleaning, a safe cleaning, and a quick cleaning.  This process is fully controllable with regard to heat and water flow, so even the most treasured delicate rugs and carpets can be safely treated.  This is also the only effective way to remove stains, chemicals, and allergens thoroughly form the carpet.

Carpet Cleaning Service with Health Care in Mind

The majority of carpets contain dust mites and allergens, both are harmful to any individual with allergies or asthma.  These particles thrive in areas deeper than the average vacuum cleaner can remove.  With that in mind A – KELLER offers a professional and highly effective cleaning treatment strong enough to eliminate these harmful particles, yet gentle enough to preserve the fibers of your carpet and upholstery.  Return to your property confident that your home or business has been cleaned in accordance with industry standards.  Return to your building knowing you are in a healthier and safer environment for your family, guests, customers, and tenants.

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Proper Maintenance is the Key to Beautiful Grout

Proper maintenance is the key to keeping your tile and grout looking clean and new.  Hiring a contractor to clean your grout is the best solution for lengthening the life of your floor and retaining its youthful appearance.   A –KELLER is a trained and certified professional tile and grout restoration service team.  We know the right cleansers, tools, and methods to use on any type of tile surface – and – we guarantee our work.  Hire us and remove any risk of your tile surfaces being unintentionally damaged or even ruined.

Cleaning grout can be a tedious job.  Whether you have porcelain, ceramic, marble, granite, travertine, terrazzo, or slate, the maintenance required to sustain your tile’s natural beauty while keeping the grout clean demands a delicate balancing act.  Microscopic pores in the grout allow dirt and other contaminants to become trapped below the surface and cannot be removed by regular mopping.  A - KELLER has the right cleaners, sealers, tools and “know how” to restore your tile and grout surfaces to their original beauty and lustre.

Call or contact us today and receive a discount on your tile and grout cleaning – you’ll be glad you did!!  

Who Can Benefit From Our Carpet Cleaning Services?  Everyone!!

Let A - KELLER Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Services bring a fresh look back into your home or office today!